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Clinker Hammer Crusher

Clinker is a Lump or Nodules (usually 3-25mm diameter) which is produced by sintering Limestone and Alumino Silicate during cement kiln stage. Clinker crusher is designed to break the large material into smaller particle size. We are supplying Clinker Hammer Crusher Assembly for the following customers.

Rotary Classifier in Power Plant
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  • Pulveriser MVM34RL
  • Weight: 45000 Kgs

Rotary Classifier in Power Plant

Coal continues to play a predominant role in the production of electricity in the world. Coal Pulverizer is the one of the critical power plant component that is relied upon convert the energy stored in coal into electricity. The Classifier located on the top of a mill returns the over size material back to the pulverizer but allows the proper sized material to pass out of the mill to the burners. Classifier are critical in providing the desired quality of pulverized coal with the desired fineness. We are supplying Dynamic Classifier for M/S L&T MHI Boilers Pvt Ltd.

Classifier in Cement Plants 1

GEBR Pfeiffer

  • Dimension: 5600mm dia X 3200mm ht
  • Weight: 25000 Kgs
Classifier in Cement Plants 2


  • Dimension: 3200 dia X 2800mm ht
  • Weight: 10000 Kgs
Classifier in Cement Plants 3


  • Dimension: 4500 dia X 2500mm ht
  • Weight: 10000 Kgs
Classifier in Cement Plants 4

Humbolt Wedag

  • Dimension: 4500 dia X 3200mm ht
  • Weight: 20000 Kgs

Classifier in Cement Plants

Coal plays an important role in the manufacturing process of cement. The main fuel used for firing preheater cyclone and rotary kiln is coal. Coal fineness has a direct relationship with its reactivity. Hence in the cement plant a special significance has been given to the milling behavior of coal. It has been observed that low volatile matter in coal can be compensated by finer grinding. We are supplying classifier for the following customers.

Atox Mill Roller Assembly
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  • Atox: 52.5
  • Weight: 50000 Kgs

Atox Mill Roller Assembly

We are supplying Atox Mill Roller Assembly to M/S F.L.Smidth India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai for their Atox Raw Mill. The function of Atox Raw Mill uses pressure and shear generated between the rollers and the rotating table to crush and grind raw materials. We are received letter of appreciation from M/S F.L.Smidth India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai for manufacturing and development of atox mill roller assemby first time in India.

KILN Support Roller Bearing Assembly

KILN Support Roller Bearing is the critical equipment in rotary KILN. The Support Roller Bearing of the Rollers must be carefully protected heat of the KILN and ingress of dust. we are supplying KILN Support Roller Bearing to M/S F.L.Smidth India Pvt. Ltd, Chennai and M/S F.L Smidth A/S, Denmark.


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